Andrew Yang Has a Serious Woman Problem

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Last week, a supporter of Andrew Yang’s campaign for mayor tweeted out a truly cringe-worthy video of the candidate. In it, Yang is asked multiple questions that refer to women as “b*tches”—including whether or not he “choke[s] b*tches” in bed. Yang responded by laughing.

As the head of one of the country’s largest advocacy organizations for women, I felt it was important to condemn his behavior.

After all, American women have just lived through four years of a political leader who engaged in sexist, misogynistic “locker room talk.” New York women can’t afford four more. Because the truth is, violent rhetoric about us can’t be divorced from violence toward us. By laughing at a question about “chok[ing] b*tches”—and by allowing us to be called b*tches in the first place—Yang failed women. At best, he proved unable to stand up to misogyny in real-time. At worst, he willingly and actively perpetuated it. Either way, we deserve better—especially because he still hasn’t apologized.

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Source: Andrew Yang Has a Serious Woman Problem

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