Google tries to resurrect Android tablets with “Entertainment Space”

Entertainment Space. It’s like Google TV, but for your tablet.

Google just remembered that Android tablets exist, and the company has announced “Entertainment Space,” a new, tablet-exclusive interface that the company says is “a one-stop, personalized home for all your favorite movies, shows, videos, games and books.”

Google’s blog post is vague about the details of Entertainment Space. Is Space an app? Is it a new home screen, which would give Google a similar UI to a Fire tablet? Is it a report from The Verge that fills in some of the blanks: Entertainment Space is a new home screen page.

Just like how the Google Discover news feed lives on the left side of a home screen, or how Samsung puts “Bixby Home” over there, Entertainment Space will be the new left-most home screen for tablets, replacing Discover. So for apps widgets (and a customizable home screen), you’ll have the main home screen page any others you want to add. For media, you have this big custom interface on the left.

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Source: Google tries to resurrect Android tablets with “Entertainment Space”

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